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STI Engineers was founded by Mr. M Nagesh, a professional contractor, and was registered in August 2014 as a construction firm. We are known for the fast-track construction of roads and houses following the standard protocol using technologies like monolithic structures for houses. We mainly focus on providing cost-effective road construction and erecting residential building services along with dwelling units using monolithic structures that are proven to be low-cost construction projects to our clients. We deal with the client with great professionalism and always tend to be customer-centric.

With the recognition of our high-quality work and on-time completion of projects, STI Engineers has become the trusted partner for various BBMP projects. Also, multiple orders have also been bagged from Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation to construct small to medium dwellings using monolithic structures.

STI Engineers has also completed many commercial projects in urban and suburban regions that include public and private property clients.

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